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How I Got Rid Of 10 Years Of Back Pain Without Surgery In Three Months

My chronic back pain started in 2010. Some days were good days where I could walk a few hundred yards with minimal pain. Some days were so bad that I missed weeks of work, laying on the floor waiting for the next spasm to leave me wrenching in pain.

My daily diet included regular doses of Aleve and Advil to help me get through a work day. Nearly every night involved a heating pad and a TENS machine, followed by 20 minutes of ice.

My chiropractor told me that since the pain would travel all the way down to my foot I had a pinched sciatic nerve, more than likely due to a bulging disc. He urged me more than once to go for an MRI but I was afraid of getting bad news so I kept putting it off.

Nothing I was doing was helping me get better. If anything my bad days were getting worse and my good days were coming less and less often.

My First Pain Free Day In Years

In the spring of 2018 I had a major breakthrough.

I got a 30 minute upper body massage and when it was over I had zero pain in my back. I ended up being pain free for three full days before going back to popping Aleve and laying face down on the floor with an ice pack on my back.

But a seed had been planted.

How the hell was it possible for me to feel as loose as a goose for three days if there was something really wrong with my back?

Something wasn't adding up.

About a month later I blew my back out again. This particular blow out was as bad as my worst one of all time and quite possibly the worst one ever.

I missed three days of work and hobbled my way in on the fourth day because I couldn't miss another day of pay. I was just mobile enough to get from my car to my desk but I was in a heck of a lot of pain doing it.

I called to schedule another massage but the masseuse I saw last time didn't have any immediate openings.

I found the website of another masseuse through Yelp and was able to get an appointment for the next morning.

After booking the appointment I started reading her website.

Turns out this was no ordinary masseuse. She was into some weird shit!

Her website was littered with the words "mind body" and how doing body work like massage was important to relieving back pain, but doing mind work was even more important.

She wanted me to believe that I could basically think my pain away.

"Ha-ha! Ok lady. I'm not showing up to this appointment", was my next thought.

She did leave some breadcrumbs for me to pick up on her site that sent me down a rabbit hole on the mind body connection. Most importantly was the name of the doctor that the majority of her work was based on, Dr. John E. Sarno.

I Googled him and he released a documentary in 2016 called "All The Rage". I didn't really want to spend $4 to watch it on Youtube, but I was in enough pain that I was desperate and I was fresh out of "Black Mirror" episodes on Netflix anyway.

Watching that documentary changed my life!

Once I saw all those people that were genuinely grateful for what Dr. Sarno had done for them I wanted to be one of them too.

It took three months of soul searching and mind bending. It wasn't easy but I ever so slowly began to think about my back pain differently. I ever so slowly began to release the tension in my muscles that was causing my pain. I ever so slowly became genuinely and eternally grateful to Dr. Sarno.

I've been nearly 100% back pain free since 2018! I've had a couple hiccups where pain has returned but it didn't last more than a couple days because I know there's nothing physically wrong with my back.

It was my mind causing tension in my back and that tension was causing me pain. Sometimes that tension was so severe it would put pressure on my sciatic nerve and cause pain all the down in my foot.

How To End Your Back Pain

If the pains of my past sound like the pain that you experience today follow me on Twitter to see how I use the mind body connection to keep my back pain free.

And if you're ever in Norwalk CT and need a massage look up Laura Skutch. The least I can do is send her a couple referrals. BTW, I did go to that appointment and a couple more after that. But I don't even see masseuses regularly anymore, because I know that my pain didn't start with the muscles, it started in my mind and that's where I've learned to stop it.

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